Class 30: Slot.It Group C


Ready-to-race 1/32 slot cars by Slot.It representing Sports-Prototype cars that competed in the period 1982-1992 under FIA Group C or IMSA GTP regulations.



Free choice on upgrades to any component provided that it is a Slot.It upgrade part.


Eligible Cars:

Jaguar XJR-6, Jaguar XJR-9, Jaguar XJR-12, Lancia LC2, Lancia LC2/85, Mazda 787B, Nissan R89C, Nissan R90CK, Porsche 956, Porsche 962C, Porsche 962 IMSA, Sauber C9, Toyota 88C


Driver’s View:

This is the only class in which upgrades are permitted, provided that they come from the extensive range offered by the car’s original manufacturer, Slot.It. In all honesty, the upgrades seldom revolutionise the performance or handling of what is already one of the nicest and most equal classes going. The manufacturer updates the cars regularly at the factory with lighter bodies, different tyre compounds and chassis modifications which means that any recent release should be competitive from the outset. A real racer’s class.