Class 18: Ninco N1


Ready-to-race 1/32 slot cars by Ninco featuring mild motors and strong magnets for beginners.


No modifications permitted from OEM specification except free choice of guide provided that no chassis modifications are required for fitment. Traction magnet must be retained and only the red labelled NC-11 (16,000 rpm) motors are eligible. Car may be repainted. Tyre choice free.

Eligible Cars:

Chevrolet Corvette C6R, Chevrolet Cruze WTCC, Chevrolet Camaro SSX, Ford Mustang FR500C,Lamborghini Diablo, Renault Megane

Driver’s View:

These are very basic, low-detail cars that Ninco released as the first step in 1/32 racing for kids. Mild motors and medium-to-strong magnets mean that they aren’t too much of a challenge to hustle round but equal performance puts the onus on the driver.