Own Car Classes

In this section you will find details of the classes that we run for members’ own cars. There are two types of classes run on regular Wednesday nights at Farnham: six classes for our own cars and two additional classes picked at random from the club’s own stock of ‘Lane Cars’.

The six ‘own car’ classes are picked prior to the start of each three-month season. We run these classes every week throughout the three months, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy and improve their speed, consistency and scores. No class is run twice in the course of the year, which runs from each AGM to the next (roughly May-to-May).

The rotation and number of classes means that the variety for which Farnham is renowned is maintained and that there are usually several classes active in any given season that the members are particularly keen on, balancing out those classes that they might not enjoy so much. Some people prefer rally cars over Le Mans cars, others swear by trucks or vintage Scalextric cars – all tastes are catered for.

If you don’t own a car that is eligible for any of the classes then don’t worry. The club keeps a couple of cars aside to loan out for each of the ‘own car’ classes to ensure that everybody who comes through the door gets to race.