Slot Rally

There are legions of different sub-genres of slot car racing – as many, in fact, as there are in the world of full-scale motor sport. There are drag strips for dragsters, short ovals for bangers and BRiSCA stock cars, large ovals for NASCAR, desert tracks for Raid and digital tracks for people who want to build in pit stop strategies, virtual tyre wear and required refuelling stops to their racing as they lane-hop around their living rooms.

At Farnham, the prevailing ‘kink’ is for rallying. Yes, you know, through muddy forests and up icy mountains and the like.


It is entirely possible to achieve this – well, something satisfyingly close to this – and our rally events formed part of Slot Rally GB, organised and officiated by long-standing Farnham member, Gareth.

Slot rallying is rather more like a game of golf than a standard slot race. You go around a series of purpose-built rally stages in groups of between four and six competitors (of whom at total of around 40 was quite usual at the series’ peak). You go against the clock and record one another’s times, then you move on to the next stage, meanwhile the next group tees off on the stage you’ve just left.

Slot Rally GB no longer takes place – not least because running a national championship of 10-12 rounds was a fairly thankless task for Gareth – but we retain the wherewithal to host another event. Here’s a little gallery of some of our ‘greatest hits’ in rallying, from which hope springs eternal that we will get to have another go before long.

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