Useful Links

Here are some of the places that you might wish to visit to learn more about the hobby or stock up on kit.

Farnham Scalextric Club on Slotforum: our area of the clubs’ section where we wash our dirty laundry in public!

The old Farnham Scalextric Club website: Our first site and race results up to some time around the mid-Victorian era.

Farnham Scalextric Club on Facebook

Farnham Scalextric Club on Twitter

Pendle Slot Racing: the Mecca for slot racers, stocking pretty well all that there is to stock in terms of controllers, track, cars and accessories. There’s a 10% discount for SlotForum+ members.

Truspeed controllers: favoured by several racers, they offer plentiful options to harmonise eye, finger and the little piece of plastic whizzing round the track.

Topslots ‘n’ Trains: another large online retailer often priced below competitors.

Jadlam: occasionally has offers or splits up Scalextric box sets to sell individual cars.

McSlots: online Scalextric. Not a great choice but cheaper than most.

Slot Car Supplies: good for finding the ‘premium’ cars like Slot.It and NSR at a reasonable price.

Slotcar Pitstop: another retailer who manages to keep interesting stock at sensible prices.

Typhoon Slots and Models: and another online retailer that’s fairly keenly priced

Phil Smith: If you’re looking for vintage, out of production or other rare kit, Phil’s your best starting point – although he ain’t giving it away!

Scalextric Restorations: great for spare parts for your 1950s-1990s cars, if a bit pricey.

Bolwextric: probably our nearest neighbouring club and certainly the closest for Inter-club competition. Well worth a visit to try racing on a fast and smooth board track.

And from our members…

Surrey 4×4 Tours: Long-standing member Gareth runs this very popular way to experience the Surrey Hills in style – out in the wilds of our beautiful countryside.

Slot Rally GB: Gareth again, who has a large enough online footprint to be adopted by the Kardashians – this time his rally car collection.

The Scarf & Goggles Social Club: stories from land, sea and air up to 1961

Haynes Publishing: Our webmaster writes books. About racing cars, mainly.