How we race – Special Nights

Once per two month season (roughly), we take a break from regular season running and have a night where a theme is chosen and run by members individually or in groups.

Most often we have had American Nights celebrating the wonderful world of oval racing (NASCAR and Indycar), Muscle, Movie Heroes and more.

Rallycross is the in thing at the moment and a rather ingenious method of recreating the discipline was found by replacing the hairpin section of the track with rough, rocky Ninco Raid track pieces. For the ‘Joker’ where, in real rallycross, each car has to divert onto an extra loop during the course of the race, racers had to pick a race in which to score double points.

A recreation of the 1970s sportscar world championship saw 1950s-1970s prototypes tackling a rally stage for the Targa Florio, 20-lap individual races for sprint races and a two-man 160-lap relay for our tribute to Le Mans.

IMG_8815 copy
American Night is always popular

Rallies also happen (see separate section), and soon there will be a Touring Car Night from which to report including all manner of Australian, German, British and Classic tin-top racers in a variety or formats.

Usually ‘Special Nights’ usher forth clothing appropriate to the theme, snacks and a sample of the local tipple. Seventies Night had everyone dressed like The Sweeney, eating Refreshers and supping on a Party Seven while Glam Rock stomped away in the background. Any excuse, really…