How we race – regular season

No matter whether there are four racers in attendance or seventeen, each driver races once on each lane in each class – so four races. Quite how this is achieved is something close to witchcraft.

Basically, everyone who comes through the door is given a number. Each number has a corresponding position around the track – there are the four drivers’ positions, one race controller’s position and then there are however many marshalling positions are needed for everyone in the room to have a role to play in every race.

After each race everyone moves on to the next number, over and over again, until everyone has been in all of the positions. By following the order, drivers end up in their original position with four races completed and ready for the start of the next class.

Each race lasts for 10 laps but we run what’s called a ‘Crash and Burn’ race format where any spin, crash or mechanical failure results in an instant retirement. Marshals do not put the cars back on the track to continue, they only collect up the cars no longer running – hopefully before any of the remaining cars crash into them – and that driver’s race is over.


Scoring is 4 points for a win down to 1 point for last place. The ideal is to score a perfect 16 points in any class with four wins in the four races but it’s not often that such dominance occurs. As a rule of thumb if you’re averaging 10 points per class you are going to be in the top three or four drivers on any given night. Any score over 100 from 8 classes is almost certainly an overall win.

If a driver causes an accident that eliminates another driver, they will always be given the lower score. Let’s say that in a race, one car came off on its own on lap 6, so its driver gets one point, then one car comes off at the start of lap 8 and collides with another car, the driver who initiated the accident gets 2 points and their ‘victim’ gets 3 points. The last remaining car is the winner, who gets 4 points provided that they are past the scene of the accident.

‘Crash and burn’ is quite a brutal way of racing but it means that each driver can confidently expect to get 32 races using eight very different types of cars in the course of less than three hours.

At the end of the night, the driver who has accumulated the most points across all categories is crowned as winner. There are no trophies, merely bragging rights. No scores are carried over – everyone starts again with a clean sheet the following Wednesday at 20:00 prompt.

That’s just how we roll…