Club Car Class List

These are the classes which are held by the club, with four identically-prepared cars painted in the colours of their respective lanes (red, green, blue, yellow). The cars stay on their lanes and the drivers progress around the various driving and marshalling positions on the track as per standard classes.

CC2 – Ninco Meganes
CC3 – Scalextric motorbike and sidecars
CC4 – Slot.It Porsche 956s
CC5 – Scalextric Ferrari F430s
CC6 – SCX Touring Cars
CC7 – Spirit Peugeot 406 Coupes
CC8 – Carrera Hot Rods
CC9 – Carrera Ferrari Enzos
CC10 – Fly March 761s
CC11 – Ninco Hummers
CC12 – Sloter Lolas
CC13 – Sloter Opel Corsa S1600s
CC14 – Slot.It Ferrari 312PBs
CC15 – SCX Citroën DS19s
CC16 – Spirit BMW 2002s
CC17 – Ninco Ferrari 250 Testarossas
CC18 – Ninco Lamborghini Gallardos
CC19 – Scalextric Start Rally Cars
CC20 – Ninco Indycars
CC21 – Scalextric Porsche 911 GT3s
CC22 – Ninco Karts
CC23 – Fly Audi Quattros
CC24 – Scalextric Maserati 250Fs