How we race – Club Car Classes

A night at Farnham has been said offer more variety than the London Palladium – not least because of the almost endless range of classes held by the club itself.

It has also been said that the club owns these cars because nobody else would. There are occasions when the charm of vintage Scalextric motorbike-and-sidecar combinations, Carrera Hot Rods or wobbly-wobbly Hummers can be stretched thin on occasion, even by their greatest advocates.

IROC-style racing sees identical cars racing on allocated lanes – only the drivers switch round

Club cars (often called ‘lane cars’ or ‘IROC’ at other clubs), offer the chance to try something a bit different that you might not want to invest your own fun money in. They also close out each regular race evening, putting the onus on the driver alone rather than their car preparation to decide the night’s winner.

It’s an equally enjoyable and infuriating way to close out an evening’s entertainment.