Notes of guidance

We don’t have any particularly hard and fast rules as a club but there are a few points worth noting. These are:

  • The club room is upstairs in an old building and as a result we regrettably aren’t able to provide wheelchair access
  • The club is open to members of all ages but we ask that those 17 years and under are accompanied by an adult at all times – firstly we are on licenced premises and secondly none of the current membership holds the enhanced DBS certification required to look after other people’s children
  • Behaviour in the club should be appropriate to any other night out

In addition, a little racing etiquette:

  • Nobody is racing for world championship titles, so if you have a bad race don’t throw things around. If you do throw things around, don’t be offended by the sound of laughter
  • There is the opportunity to get some running in for early arrivals so if you want to bed anything in, try and get it done before 20:00
  • Prompt and attentive marshalling is appreciated
  • But falling on the track in your enthusiasm and eagerness isn’t
  • There’s one warm-up lap permitted per driver before the start of their first race in each class
  • Cars should be put on the track ‘dry’ with no treatment on the tyres
  • If you suffer a mechanical fault that prevents you from starting the race, there is a maximum of two restarts
  • If you jump the start, the race will be restarted and you must move to the penalty line before the final corner to make your start
  • If your race finishes early please sit still to avoid distracting other drivers – don’t unplug until the end
  • Drivers are ‘encouraged’ not to drive slowly in order to pick up points due to other’s misfortunes by being classed as out of the race when lapped by all other racers
  • Farnham has never scrutineered cars for compliance. Please don’t give cause for this happy situation to change