Race Results

Season 3 Stat Attack

After nine weeks we can breathe again, safe in the knowledge that the Raid trucks and Modern BTCC cars will be tucked away for another year. Ten racers appeared in the course of eight race nights and a fine time was had by all – so what were the standings?

Top of the overall points was Nick by quite a margin, 51 points in front of Simon as two of few members who attended all eight of the race evenings. If the overall points are skewed by attendance then there’s the ‘drop score’ chart in which Nick again sits on top with five scores of more than 100 but with Graham closer behind in second, with Alec hard on Graham’s heels.

That’s a fairly representative look at how the season went. The six classes for ‘own cars’ were ones that Nick was ready for from the outset, while Graham had some uncharacteristically quiet nights before charging back into contention. Alec was right at the sharp end earlier in the season but then began to fall away from the 100-point target that seems increasingly to be needed for a win on the night.

Another area in which Nick’s performances worked better than in previous seasons was in consistency, managing to rack up the highest number of race and class wins whilst also topping the charts for fewest 1-point finishes. As a measure of where consistency gets you, it is worth looking at new member Andrew’s progress, which has seen plenty of good scores being amassed simply by sticking tenaciously to the track and learning how the races and cars run rather than getting involved in the scrapping.

Simon’s is probably the most improved performance across this season, which was crowned with his personal best score and a deserved second place in the last evening of the eight. Gareth reappeared and clearly still knows his way around the track (despite the intervention of the occasional over-zealous marshal).

The expanded stats sheet below covers all of the permutations measured to date and a couple more besides. It also shows which cars members chose to race for the majority of their appearances and a breakdown of their strongest class on the night (either their highest scores or the biggest margin to the next-highest finisher).

And that’s a wrap for September-October 2018. Time for the run to Christmas…

Season 3 Stat Sheet

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