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Preparations for the next American Night

As we’re having a little break in the season, here’s an update on preparations for the next American Night, which will take place sometime in the autumn.

A small 4-lane oval track is almost ready to test, made using a combination of SCX and Scalextric Classic track. It will be approximately 6 straights long on either side with SCX banked track on the outer lanes at each end (roughly 9 degrees) and standard R2 curves inside them lying flat.

To try and keep lap times and thereby racing close, there will be crossovers on the inner lanes that will require drivers to slow down. The outer two lanes will run a ‘pinch’ section made from Scalextric long chicane entry/exit and some chicane straights in between.

Obviously the two outer lanes will be shorter regardless, and the car in the outermost lane will be able to run much harder by leaning on the retaining wall. So lane 3 will have to try and make time up of nudge the car in the outer lane.

It’s a cheap and cheerful try-out for oval racing at the club. Power will be from two refurbed Scalextric classic power packs and we will have to use the old controllers. No problem really as it’s all standard kit. We might hate it. We might end up having NASCAR fisticuffs. Who knows?

It is almost certain to provide a bit of paint trading and panel bashing but the speeds will be low and rubbing is racing. However, it would be daft to try and run open wheel cars on it so we will stick with NASCARs and maybe the Carrera Hot Rods if their ship-sized keels can manage in the slots.

As a result a new NASCAR class is also coming together for kit bashed snapfix models that will be based on PCS32 chassis and modified Scalextric inline chassis. So far they seem compatible with the earlier Scalextric black window cars, so it’s cheap and cheerful all the way. Here is a sample of some of the bodies that will be ready for the big day, currently seated on a test hack chassis…

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If we like the idea – who knows? Current thinking on the classes is:

Small oval classes:

  • Kitbash NASCARs
  • Carrera Hot Rods

Main Track Classes

  • Carrera Muscle
  • Hornby Indycars
  • Hornby, SCX and Pioneer Muscle
  • Hornby NASCARs
  • IMSA GTP (Slot.It/SRS2/Revell/kits)

In the meanwhile here is the intro to Days of Thunder, which will hopefully provide a bit of inspiration when we get around to setting a date:

2 thoughts on “Preparations for the next American Night”

    1. Kitbash NASCARs, Indycars and Hornby NASCARs will be provided. The rest are all existing club classes. Would just broaden out Hornby Muscle to include SCX Cudas and Pioneer cars for the fun of it and if anyone wants to run their own SCX NASCARs they can but we’ve got the four lane cars otherwise. IMSA GTP is a bit specific but can detail that closer to the time… It worked well last time! Had a request for Can-Am too. Could possibly swap it for a Muscle or the IMSA class.


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